As a team, we are experienced, trained and qualified to meet the varied and unique challenges of every project. We have delivered construction projects across diverse sectors including education, commercial, residential, health, hospitality and industrial. LWYC’s reputation for building relationships for repeat business has been achieved through:
* A culture of trust and teamwork
* A non-adversarial approach to resolving challenges and uncertainties
* A systematic approach to planning, control and administration
* Operating safety on site
* Managing sustainability issues
LWYC embraces the concept of “Corporate Social Responsibility” and considers the interests of our customers, subcontractors, suppliers, employees, communities and other stakeholders as well as the environment in the conduct of our business.
LWYC is committed to the sound management of all its business activities through its people and Management Systems, as a means of effectively and efficiently achieving the company’s and its client’s objectives. The provision of policies, manuals, procedures and other documentation within the Management System assist in providing direction, order, flexibility and responsiveness. All members of LWYC are accountable for the implementation of the Management System, and have a responsibility to contribute to its continual improvement for the benefit of LWYC and its stakeholders.
LWYC provides a wide range of services to clients in the project delivery process. This includes:
* Lum Sum Contracts
* Design and Construct Contracts
* Construction Management
* Project Management
* Design Management
* Budget Estimates and Feasibility Studies
* Cost Budgeting and Planning