OH&S is one of LWYC’s core values and regards the implementation of such procedures as paramount for the well being of staff and the public. LWYC works cooperatively with the client, authorities and unions to provide and maintain a safe working environment to all its staff and subcontractors. As a member, LWYC has also engaed Master Builder Association Of Victoria to perform site audit from time to time.
Through responsible management, consultation and training, LWYC strive to eliminate accidents from the workplace and have developed extensive documented procedures to ensure the following policies are observed:
* To provide resources, information, training and supervision necessary to establish a workplace that is safe and without risk to health
* To identify, assess and eliminate hazards and control risks
* To develop and maintain work methods and procedures in accordance with relevant Laws and Acts
At LWYC it is paramount the our employees work in a safe environment. It is the focus of our site teams at all times. Our Safety Management and Environmental Plans are developed, implemented and maintained in compliance with our legal obligations and duty of care to all who enter the building site.
LWY Constructions has an excellent record of providing a safe workplace for its employees. Our Site Managers have completed and are qualified with Level 3 Occupational Health & Safety and First Aid. All our employees are Red Card certified.
The company works under a detailed OH&S procedures contained within our quality assurance manuals. The manuals outline the procedures for managing the risks associated with the day to day activities of a construction site. Prior to commencement on site LWYC will undertake a comprehensive site specific safety audit. On completion of the audit, a site specific Safety Management Plan will be developed, implemented and maintained at all times throughout the construction period.
By following strict site protocols, LWY Constructions has found from experience that being proactive and involving all site personnel in the process of safety management, the aim of achieving a zero tolerance goal for serious injury can become a reality.
LWYC is proud to confirm that there has not been a fatality or serious injury on any of its sites; the LTIs have been as low as 1day lost per 10,000 working hours. We pride ourselves in this achievement.